Sunday, December 15, 2013

A New Card to Impossible Place - Pandora System

A New Card to Impossible Place - Pandora System
Magicians love to perform a "signed card to impossible place." And there's excellent reason why. Whether the final destination for the signed card is a wallet, sealed envelope, fruit, the pages of a book and more, the response from audiences and spectators is always a strong one.
A new innovation in “signed card to impossible place” comes in the form of “The Pandora System,” which provides a potentially striking ending to a routine with playing cards. Instead of finding a signed playing card in your wallet, how about bringing out a new deck, pulling off the wrapping, and then letting the spectator break the seal, take out and spread the cards and find his or her signed card within the deck? This one has definite possibilities.
The “system” is actually a gimmick that allows you to effectively feed a signed card into a new and sealed deck. In function, it’s much like the gimmick used to put a signed coin into a rubber-banded box or in the center of a ball of yarn. The device is well constructed although it’s made of a lightweight material that can be easily bent. This should not pose a problem.
The ads say state all you need to perform the trick is the ability to control a card. However, the bigger impediment that I see for less-experienced magicians is that you need to be able to palm a card. The ads tout an ability to perform an “invisible deck” style routine, however, this is a far different routine from the standard version as the card can’t be freely named.
Reset with the system is considerable-probably ten minutes in the beginning (the creator says that he does it in three) and you’ll need to be out of sight of spectators. There’s also some work modifying a card box ahead of time. The modified card box may be reused until it wears out. At that time, you can easily make another one.
A New Card to Impossible Place - Pandora System

”The Pandora System” is best for a formal close-up or intimate stand-up show. In walk around, it’s also one to perform for that special client or spectator. An accompanying disc offers thorough instructions to teach you how to modify a standard card box, as well as setting up and using the gimmick and performing the routine.
I’ve received great reactions finding a spectator’s card in my wallet and I think that “The Pandora System” has the potential for an even stronger revelation. This new “card to impossible place” does open a box of real possibilities.

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