Monday, December 23, 2013

Royal Hotel

Locate a 5 card. Arrange in piles the ACEs, KINGs, QUEENs, and JACKs. (these are the only cards you need). Make one pile, in the order shown above, so that the 4 ACEs are on top of the 4 KINGs, QUEENS-> so on...
Royal Hotel

1) Place the 5 card onto the table in front of the audience. Tell them that this card is an imaginary Hotel, and the cards in your hands are tavelers..
2) Tell the audience that the travelers need to stay in the hotel for the night...

3) Holding the deck you prepared face down, deal the cards in a CLOCKWISE manor one after another on the 5 card: (When you are done, the cards should be arranged as follows...

Royal Hotel
4) Explain to the audience that none of the travelers are getting along with one another, and the Hotel manager suggests that all the ACES, JACKS, QUEENS, KINGS should all be in the same rooms together...
5) In a clockwise manor, pick up the piles of cards (leaving the 5 card on the table) and put the 4 decks of 4 together: A,K,Q,J + A,K,Q,J + A,K,Q,J + A,K,Q,J
6) Tell the audience that a fight breaks out in the main office and the whole bunch is mixed up, have one member of the audience cut the deck in half anywhere, putting the bottom half on top of the top half. Once this is done, repeat this cut once more.
7) Deal the deck back onto the 5 card, CLOCKWISE, and notice that all of the aces are in one room, kings, qeens, jacks as well..
**** The trick here is as long as you cut the deck an EVEN number of times, they will all file into the rooms correctly...

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