Friday, December 27, 2013

Self Working Card Match Trick

Self Working Card Match Trick
Effect :The magician asks a spectator to choose five cards from a deck. They have complete freedom of choice. The five cards are then ripped in half and placed in two piles in front of the spectator.
The spectator is told that using a magic sentence "Will the cards match" and a little magic, that they will be given a magical hand to sort the matching pairs.

Self Working Card Match Trick
The magician then asks them to choose one of the two piles as he shuffles through the pile while muttering the magic spell. The piles can be changed at random by the spectator at any time during the shuffling stage.

After each phase of the trick, a face down half card is removed from each of the two piles and placed together.

After the final count, the five pairs of face down cards are turned over to reveal an amazing pay off !
Tips: Watch the two methods of counting as explained in the instruction video, above. As they are important for the counting method that is the secret to this trick.

Self Working Card Match Trick
The spectator has completely free choice of which piles to count at each of the counting stages. As long as the above methods are followed, the trick will still work. There is no rush needed to perform the trick, just go at a pace that you are comfortable with.

This is a relatively easy trick to learn and looks really impressive as your audience assumes that they were the ones that had control of the cards.

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