Monday, December 9, 2013

The Copycat Trick

The Copycat Trick
Come one, come all learn this first installment in my easy card tricks series.
OK boy-os (and girl-os) let's get started. First, get two decks of cards (each with a different model or color on the back).
! Follow along. Really, go get those two packs right now. If you actually do this trick with me it will be moved into your permanent memory and you will actually find that you remember the trick when the situation arises. After all, with a simple: "Let me show you guys something really cool", you've just gotten yourself that juicy spotlight.

A. Choose a member of the audience and hand them one of the two decks of cards.
ex: "Ok friend_name I will need your help. Take this deck of cards and follow along with what I do"
B. Shuffle your cards. Tell your friend to shuffle his cards.
ex: "Now, shuffle your cards really well, just like I'm doing"
C. After this, you swap your freshly shuffled pack of cards with his, BUT before you do so look at the bottom card of the pack you are giving him (it might be the 3 of clubs)
ex: "That's enough shuffling, take my pack of cards and give me yours"
D. Pick out a random card from your pack and place it on the top of your deck. Have your friend do the same and tell him to memorize that card -- let's say it's the king of diamonds.
NOTE: this has the effect of placing the kind of diamonds on the top of the deck while the 3 of clubs is at the bottom -- as this is the pack you gave him.
The Copycat Trick

ex: "Choose any card you want, memorize it and place it on the top of your deck. I will do the same with my deck."
E. Cut your pack. Tell your friend to do the same.
NOTE: cutting the pack means that your friend has now placed the 3 of clubs on top of his chosen card (the king of diamonds). Remember that in practice you will actually only know about the 3 of clubs -- as you can't possibly know what card your friend has chosen.
ex: "I've cut my deck, like so. Now you do it"
F. Swap your packs again and tell your friend to remove their chosen card (the king of diamonds) and place it face down on top of his deck.
NOTE: in your hands you now have a deck of cards which has your friends chosen card (the king of diamonds) under the 3 of clubs -- which is the card you have to remember.
ex: "Now, give me your pack and take mine. Remember the card your chose? The one I have no idea of knowing. Take it out and place on the top of your pack"
G. Look through the pack and take out the card below the 3 of clubs (the card YOU memorized). In this example this card will be the king of diamonds.
NOTE: this is how without actually knowing what your friend has chosen you can take out the same card as him.
ex: "When you focus your attention on an object like you just did, you leave a psychic imprint on it. Some people are sensitive enough to feel that."
The Copycat Trick

H. At the same time as your helper, turn the cards around. Voile, both of you unveil the king of diamonds.
ex: "At the same time as me, turn your card around"
TIP for extra effect: once you have found your friends card, cut the deck at that place (this moves his chosen card at the bottom of your pack) and spread out the cards, face down.
I. Look very smug and superior.
And that is it. You're done. If you liked this trick, as well as your presenters charming personality:)

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