Monday, December 9, 2013

Magic Card Trick Secrets Revealed

Magic Card Trick Secrets Revealed
Have you ever watched a street magician perform cool card magic tricks and thought "WOW, I wish I'd know how to do that too!?" Ever watched a David Blaine show imagined what it would be like if you could master the secrets of magic? Well with a little bit of practice and determination you can become a master and every one of your friends' favorite magician. One thing you should keep in mind is that every professional started with small and easy magic card tricks.

One easy card trick you could start with is this: first get a normal deck of playing cards, shuffle the cards so your friends will see it's not a trick deck, then have a spectator choose a card, concentrate on it for a while and then place it at the top of the deck, tell him to cut the cards once or twice and then search through the deck and amaze your friends by guessing the exact card. The secret to this fun trick is the bottom card, while you shuffle your magic card deck, always keep an eye on it. When your friend cuts the card the bottom card goes right on top of the chosen one and the magic card trick is complete.
Once you master this fun magic trick you can be on your way to learn magic and more complicated illusions and further enrapture your audience just like the famous magicians. By using optical illusions and sleight of hand, the number of card magic tricks and other kinds of street magic and mind games you'll be able to practice is unimaginable.
The more established names like David Blaine and Chris Angel reached a level where they can perform amazing street magic by using optical and special effects that make possible even the most amazing magic tricks like levitation, walking on water or even going through glass or walls. You might not catch them with a trick coin but magic card tricks will be playing a part of their repertoire forever. Their secrets might not be revealed for a long time but you'll see that by following instructions and tips found on the internet at ellusionist and in other sources, you can learn magic tricks and polish your skills at magic card tricks to a point where your audience will be gathering cards that you leave behind as keepsakes.
Magic Card Trick Secrets Revealed

The free magic branch of magic card tricks is called by some "easy magic" because you don't need to invest a lot in card magic but is nevertheless appreciated because it can be spectacular and the time and effort put into learning magic card tricks is not to be looked upon with ease.
Easy magic tricks can be performed by almost everybody and mastering coin tricks, card sleights is at the tip of your finger, the way to go with any magic trick or card trick is "learn by doing", fill your pocket with free magic practice them as much as you can.

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